Migrations by Angela Halliday

Still I, (II)

Still I, (I)

Still III

Migrations is a new body of work that combines video and painting. The video was filmed on Rathlin Island in 2018. It continues my exploration around what ‘landscape’ is. Focusing on Rathlin Island’s colonies of nesting seabirds, the video employs a range of viewpoints from where seascapes/landscapes are constructed. 

This new work is being supported by the Arts Council of Northern Ireland.  

John Hinde Postcard by Angela Halliday

Photograph of a John Hinde postcard

If during the first few decades of the nineteenth century this medicalized nostalgia begins to disappear from scientific study, and homesickness ceases to be a pathologized concept, something has operated to reclaim nostalgia as a social process and a desirable bit of mental furniture – to depathologize and then propagate a new nostalgia. If nostalgia is transformed from a wasting illness, one with its own etiology, symptoms, and set of cures, to a regular fact of human memory, the open question is: where might we locate the pivot of this transformation in time and cultural space?[1]


[1] Nicholas Dames, ‘Austen’s Nostalgics’, Representations, vol. 73, (2001), pp. 117-143.